Special interests:

Colleen has a passion for treating “hand trauma” This is where she started her career as a treating hand therapist at the Alfred Trauma and Burns units almost 25 years ago. Hand therapy plays such a vital role in the outcome of hand surgery and recovery from hand injury. Colleen values the importance of clinical assessment, formulation of a treatment plan and regular hand therapy in achieving a successful result. Her nursing background adds extra value with specialist knowledge in wound care management.
Colleen also enjoys treating fractures and sporting injuries understanding the client goal of returning to their sport as soon as possible.


  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 1995
  • General Nurse Div1 1987 (current APHRA registration)
  • Certified Hand Therapist

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Colleens most recent achievement is to be awarded the title of Certified Hand Therapist in 2017. This involved passing a comprehensive exam which recognizes an advanced level of professional knowledge, competency and clinical skills in Hand Therapy. It is an internationally recognized qualification.


  • Accredited Hand Therapist (as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association)
  • Full member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association
  • Member of Australian Occupational Therapy Association

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I am very fortunate to be working in the area of Hand therapy and making a difference. People value the use of their hands and any loss of function through injury , accident or disease process can have a devastating effect. Providing the best treatment ensures maximal recovery and is so rewarding. I enjoy the creative aspect of making orthotics and problem solving and also the science of hand therapy. Throughout my career I have found there is always more to learn about the intricate anatomy of the upper limb and the latest in surgery and treatment techniques.