All of our therapists attended the exciting 2018 AHTA annual conference: Reaching for the Future: Innovation and technology in hand therapy practice.

This year the conference was held in Melbourne over three days in October. Some of the highlights included our very own Emmeline Fooks running a 'Yoga in Hand Therapy' workshop, learning about the exciting new research in hand therapy and catching up with our colleagues from around Australia.

Are you an Occupational Therapist interested in further specialist hand therapy training? If so, MHT is running a WORKSHOP (1.5 days): Common Hand Conditions & Splinting on 8-9th November 2018 (VIC)

This course will cover soft tissue conditions and scar management techniques, the assessment and treatment of wrist injuries including fractures and ligament injuries, hand fractures and treatment of osteoarthritis, and tendon and nerve injuries of the hand / forearm.

Throughout the two days all participants will have the opportunity to fabricate splints specific to the conditions covered in the talks.

To register online go to



Ross attended the AHTA's newly re-designed closed trauma course straight after the AHTA annual conference this year. This course covered the diagnosis and management of complex ligamentous, tendon and nerve injuries and the wide variety of management and treatment techniques that can be used to manage these often complex conditions.

Victorian Hand Surgery Society Meeting
Friday 24th November, 2018
New Ideas in wrist rehabilitation - presented by Emmeline Fooks, Senior Hand Therapist, Melbourne Hand Therapy
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